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You won't have to look anywhere else! The home you've always wanted to build is right here at Trevor Fraites and Associates, within our architectural scheme.

At Trevor Fraites and Associates we believe architecture is not simply to blend artistry and craftsmanship, but to bring these qualities together with a sense of purpose.


Every Building Project is Absolutely Unique

We believe that every building project undertaken by an owner is absolutely unique; nowhere else do we find the same combination of site conditions, personal needs and wants, taste, budget, materials, etc. This is the primary advantage to hiring us to help create your home. Our expertise is in marrying the functional, structural, aesthetic requirements of a project in a way, which best suits you. This is something hard to find in a plan from a book. You don't have to do more than decide what you want and let us design it.

A passionate believer in the capacity for architecture and the public realm to enhance the lives of citizens, he has devoted much of his career to designing major projects including Theatres, Concert Halls and Opera Houses, Civic Buildings, Museums, Galleries and Libraries.


For More Information

If you are interested in finding out more about the service we offer, or would like to discuss a custom-designed home or renovation please contact us.


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